Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy New Year

Wow can you believe its already 2010! Time has flown by and i am already in my second semester here at NTBI! God is teaching me so much about his word. We just started back to classes on Wednesday and already i feel like i am learning about Him and His word thoruhg classes and homework! We are currently studying Theology and the Prophets. I am excited about these classes as i feel i have no knowledge on these topics! In fact i dont think i have ever read through the prophets (I'll not be able to say that in 4 weeks!)

I had an incredible Christmas break in Lilliwaup, WA with Han and her family (see photo of us on my 21st Birthday) - it was such a blessing to be welcomed into their home and treated as if i was their own daughter! We spent a whole month there and it was a great time for Han and me to rest up as well as get to know each other more. We also had the opportunity to hang out with her youth group at TLC (a conference in OR) It was overall a wonderful break!

So now i am back to 4 exciting months of school before heading home at the end of May to England! I am hoping to get a job when i go home so that i can come back next year and spend another year under some more amazing teaching and learn more about my Father!

Please pray with me that i will use my time wisely this semester and will remember that my main reason to be at school is to study Gods word! Praise God that i have the finances to keep me in School till May (many students have not been able to return after Christmas because of funding!)

Thanks for your prayers

Monday, 2 November 2009

long time . . .

Well first of all an apology for being so bad at writing on here - i never realised how busy i would be at Bible School - and im not complaining cos i love it here so much but i do wish i could keep you all up to date more often!!

I love it here at Bible School, i am learning so much! I never realised how little i knew of God's word and i am also learning on a daily basis how much he truly loves me - its something i just cant even fathom!

I am currently studying a couple different classes: Hermaneutics (how to study Gods word) this class i have struggled to understand alot as its breaking down chapters and verses of the bible and doing word studies - - i really want to be able to finally understand this so i can do this on my own and get more out of Gods word! I have a big assignment due in in 2 weeks for this class and i am pretty scared about it but i know God will help me through and he will teach me more through doing it! Please pray with me that i will be able to understand it and use it in my own personal walk with the Lord!

Another class that just finished was Evangelism: I really, really loved this class! Some of the homework assignments were to interview people and ask them what they believe and this has helped me alot in knowing what to ask people and it has built up my confidence in going out and talking to people about what they believe and also sharing my own faith. This class was very beneficial to me. Please pray that i would continue to be a witness to my friends and family and even strangers!

Pentateuch - i have been in this class since the start of school and have enjoyed what i have learnt from the first 5 books of the Bible. We are currently finishing up with Deauteronomy and will be done at the end of this week.

We will start to study Old testament history and Proverbs in the next couple weeks so that should be exciting!!!!

So i have been praying for years now for a friend that i could totally feel comfortale around - a christian friend that would be a good influence on me. Well God has been so good to me and has provided a friend for me called Hannah! :)

Hannah and i are in the same class and have been getting along so well. It has been so encouraging being a support to each other and an example in each others lives. And it is so much fun to see each other grow in the Lord and to understand things clearer than we have before! I am so thankful to God for bringing Hannah into my life. I dont deserve to have such an amazing friend but He is so faithful and i am so thankful!

I will be staying with Hannah and her family for Christmas break which is a whole month and i am so super excited for it! It will be fun to see her home in Washington and meet her family :) I will also get an opportunity to see some friends from home when i am there as they are going to another friends wedding!!! Its going to be GREAT!!!
Well i hope to keep in touch more
Let me know how you are doing and how i can be praying for you
peace out

Friday, 4 September 2009

Labour Day Weekend!

So i have already been here for over 3 weeks now which sounds pretty crazy! I am really thoroughly enjoying myself tho. We just finished classes 4 hours ago and we have off till tuesday as monday is labour day!
Its going to be nice to have some time off from homework and just have opportunity to get to know more people on a 1:1 basis - - we are all heading to Lake Michigan tomorrow so that should be fun!
Classes here are awesome and id advice anyone thats thinking about it to go through Bible School - there is so much to learn and what an awesome opportunity to do it. Apparantly between all the classes i will have here over the 2 years it is equivelent to going to church on a sunday and to a wednesday night meeting every week for 11 years!! INSANE!
Well keep in touch

Friday, 21 August 2009

Just a few snaps of my life nowadays!

My bed is on the bottom

My desk :) - lots of hard work happens here

Me and Sarah in class this morning "being studious!"

My door sign :D

Week #1 complete

Well its the end of week one and it has been a fun week! Orientation was fun but classes are AWESOME! Homework was hard the first day but i really learnt from it and knew better the second day what to do. I am learning so much everyday and really am so thankful to be here! What a privelege i have to be here!
I am excited to have the weekend and be able to relax with my friends and maybe see around Jackson a little and be ready for another week of classes on Monday!

Thank you to all who are praying for me i really appreciate it.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Day #1

Hey again everyone - today was Day #1 in Bible School and we had orientation, it was alot of fun and i am excited for classes to start! Its so nice seeing old friends here and being able to catch up as well as making new friends! It feels like i have been here alot longer than just 4 days! It just feels so much like home i love it!

I have now got all my schedules and books that i need now im just waiting for wednesday to come and classes to start! :)

I just sit here and cant believe i am finally here and getting started - i think of all the obstacles i overcome to get to this point and how God helped me through. I am so excited to see what he has to teach me in these next 2 years!

God is good

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happiness and Embarrasment all in one!

Well for some reason i can recieve emails but not send them so i am glad i have this blog and facebook! I am really really enjoying it here - everyone is so lovely and helpful and i have already had so many laughs with these girls!!! I slept in the dorm last night and slept well (apart from the heat i ended up throwing off all my quilts and blankets!!)

Today i registered for Bible School, tomorrow i will finish registering by choosing my classes! This afternoon i was meant to go shopping - we stopped at a restaurant to eat and after i ate i ended up throwing up everywhere! It was so embarrasing so i just came home and my dorm mates are looking after me with tablets and fresh water so i think ill be ok - just please pray with me that it was a one off sickness and not that its going to bother me the whole day - i really just want to enjoy myself - not be sick!!!!! I dont exactly know what it was that made me ill because i havent eatten anything strange, it might just be heat mixed in with a little nerves i dunno!
Anyway please just pray for me that this tablet im gonna take will make me feel better and take away the sickness so i can enjoy the rest of my time!

My room is now set up and my other room mates are still making themselves at home. We are still waiting for one more girl to arrive but then we have all six of us! Kayla, Bridget, Jessica, Elise, myself and Bethany! I think its going to be a fun time :D

Well enough of me rambling on!
Keep in touch