Saturday, 15 August 2009

Happiness and Embarrasment all in one!

Well for some reason i can recieve emails but not send them so i am glad i have this blog and facebook! I am really really enjoying it here - everyone is so lovely and helpful and i have already had so many laughs with these girls!!! I slept in the dorm last night and slept well (apart from the heat i ended up throwing off all my quilts and blankets!!)

Today i registered for Bible School, tomorrow i will finish registering by choosing my classes! This afternoon i was meant to go shopping - we stopped at a restaurant to eat and after i ate i ended up throwing up everywhere! It was so embarrasing so i just came home and my dorm mates are looking after me with tablets and fresh water so i think ill be ok - just please pray with me that it was a one off sickness and not that its going to bother me the whole day - i really just want to enjoy myself - not be sick!!!!! I dont exactly know what it was that made me ill because i havent eatten anything strange, it might just be heat mixed in with a little nerves i dunno!
Anyway please just pray for me that this tablet im gonna take will make me feel better and take away the sickness so i can enjoy the rest of my time!

My room is now set up and my other room mates are still making themselves at home. We are still waiting for one more girl to arrive but then we have all six of us! Kayla, Bridget, Jessica, Elise, myself and Bethany! I think its going to be a fun time :D

Well enough of me rambling on!
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