Friday, 4 September 2009

Labour Day Weekend!

So i have already been here for over 3 weeks now which sounds pretty crazy! I am really thoroughly enjoying myself tho. We just finished classes 4 hours ago and we have off till tuesday as monday is labour day!
Its going to be nice to have some time off from homework and just have opportunity to get to know more people on a 1:1 basis - - we are all heading to Lake Michigan tomorrow so that should be fun!
Classes here are awesome and id advice anyone thats thinking about it to go through Bible School - there is so much to learn and what an awesome opportunity to do it. Apparantly between all the classes i will have here over the 2 years it is equivelent to going to church on a sunday and to a wednesday night meeting every week for 11 years!! INSANE!
Well keep in touch

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  1. Hello Kirsty

    Have just found your blog and am so interested in reading about your adventures at Bible school. I am going to send you an email, because I have lots of news for you(from the BBC and family news). Will keep reading.....Jean x