Monday, 2 November 2009

long time . . .

Well first of all an apology for being so bad at writing on here - i never realised how busy i would be at Bible School - and im not complaining cos i love it here so much but i do wish i could keep you all up to date more often!!

I love it here at Bible School, i am learning so much! I never realised how little i knew of God's word and i am also learning on a daily basis how much he truly loves me - its something i just cant even fathom!

I am currently studying a couple different classes: Hermaneutics (how to study Gods word) this class i have struggled to understand alot as its breaking down chapters and verses of the bible and doing word studies - - i really want to be able to finally understand this so i can do this on my own and get more out of Gods word! I have a big assignment due in in 2 weeks for this class and i am pretty scared about it but i know God will help me through and he will teach me more through doing it! Please pray with me that i will be able to understand it and use it in my own personal walk with the Lord!

Another class that just finished was Evangelism: I really, really loved this class! Some of the homework assignments were to interview people and ask them what they believe and this has helped me alot in knowing what to ask people and it has built up my confidence in going out and talking to people about what they believe and also sharing my own faith. This class was very beneficial to me. Please pray that i would continue to be a witness to my friends and family and even strangers!

Pentateuch - i have been in this class since the start of school and have enjoyed what i have learnt from the first 5 books of the Bible. We are currently finishing up with Deauteronomy and will be done at the end of this week.

We will start to study Old testament history and Proverbs in the next couple weeks so that should be exciting!!!!

So i have been praying for years now for a friend that i could totally feel comfortale around - a christian friend that would be a good influence on me. Well God has been so good to me and has provided a friend for me called Hannah! :)

Hannah and i are in the same class and have been getting along so well. It has been so encouraging being a support to each other and an example in each others lives. And it is so much fun to see each other grow in the Lord and to understand things clearer than we have before! I am so thankful to God for bringing Hannah into my life. I dont deserve to have such an amazing friend but He is so faithful and i am so thankful!

I will be staying with Hannah and her family for Christmas break which is a whole month and i am so super excited for it! It will be fun to see her home in Washington and meet her family :) I will also get an opportunity to see some friends from home when i am there as they are going to another friends wedding!!! Its going to be GREAT!!!
Well i hope to keep in touch more
Let me know how you are doing and how i can be praying for you
peace out

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