Thursday, 14 January 2010

Happy New Year

Wow can you believe its already 2010! Time has flown by and i am already in my second semester here at NTBI! God is teaching me so much about his word. We just started back to classes on Wednesday and already i feel like i am learning about Him and His word thoruhg classes and homework! We are currently studying Theology and the Prophets. I am excited about these classes as i feel i have no knowledge on these topics! In fact i dont think i have ever read through the prophets (I'll not be able to say that in 4 weeks!)

I had an incredible Christmas break in Lilliwaup, WA with Han and her family (see photo of us on my 21st Birthday) - it was such a blessing to be welcomed into their home and treated as if i was their own daughter! We spent a whole month there and it was a great time for Han and me to rest up as well as get to know each other more. We also had the opportunity to hang out with her youth group at TLC (a conference in OR) It was overall a wonderful break!

So now i am back to 4 exciting months of school before heading home at the end of May to England! I am hoping to get a job when i go home so that i can come back next year and spend another year under some more amazing teaching and learn more about my Father!

Please pray with me that i will use my time wisely this semester and will remember that my main reason to be at school is to study Gods word! Praise God that i have the finances to keep me in School till May (many students have not been able to return after Christmas because of funding!)

Thanks for your prayers

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